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Cast of Characters, in order of appearance


  • Crispin Haugen (known as the Dragon Groom or the Copper Guest, also as X’risp’hin, also Kharis’par’ih’in, and Kras-pa-han)

  • Sylvia Dubrowsky – school friend of Crispin’s, queen of their social circle

  • Karen Parkenter — school friend of Crispin’s

  • Liza Chen — school friend of Crispin’s

  • Altman Shendorf — Captain of the school hockey team, secret sex buddy of Crispin’s, Sylvia’s boyfriend

  • Elliot Haugen — Crispin’s father

  • Isabel Haugen — Crispin’s mother

  • Consul Krasik-dahé — octona. NOTE: “dahé” suffix means “honourable”

  • Tikoqh — quadrana, manipulator of the strands linking the realms


The Realm of Fire (and the return to Earth)

Human names in the Realm of Fire consist of three sections: givenName-dragonHouse-disciplineName. The dragons also bestow the suffix “dahé,” meaning “honourable,” on certain humans and mixed beings. Most people are called by an everyday name which is a contraction of their full name. “Da” is appended to the everyday name of respected members of the community.


  • D’gada-vixtet-thon (known as Davix) — apprentice in Atmospherics, also disciple of Grav’nan-dahé, the Prime Magistrate

  • Tix-etnep-thon-dahé — Atmospherics Master

  • T’lexdar-inby-thon (known as Rinby) — former lead apprentice in Atmospherics, deceased

  • Lraga (full name unknown) — chaperone

  • Askatarak-renrit-kir (known as Stakrat) — lead apprentice in Defence of Realm

  • Grav’nan-dahé — Prime Magistrate (formerly Grav’nan-renrit-dez)

  • Lok’lok-sur-nep-dahé (sometimes known as Lok-ra) — Master of Textiles

  • Koras-inby-kir-dahé (known as Korda) — Master of Defence of Realm

  • Krenlin-etnep-bor-dahé — Master of Health and Healing

  • Tiren-renrit-gav-dahé — Master of Crops and Agriculture

  • Krala-inby-nep (known as Kriz’mig) — lead apprentice, Textiles

  • Agren-sur-dez (known as Grentz) — lead apprentice, Stone Work

  • Cars’tat — octona, porter of Vixtet House

  • S’aren (sometimes S’aren-da) — schoolteacher

  • Fexil — young student in S’aren-da’s class

  • Kror — bidahéna

  • Throd — bidahéna

  • The Interpreter — a human who translates for the bidahénas and dragons from ancient forms of the Dragon Tongue to the modern form.

  • The Curator of Sites Historic

  • Raga-etnep-bor (known as Ragnor) — apprentice in Health and Healing

  • Tarsen-renrit-kee (known as Twis’wit) — ranger in the Chend’th’nif mountains, deceased

  • Flak — a kingsolver kept as a pet by Tix-etnep-thon-dahé. Kingsolvers are corvids, highly intelligent birds used for carry messages, sometimes over long distances.

  • Glei’hak and Arjee — the husband and wife seers in the Chend’th’nif, banished from Cliffside long ago by Grav’nan-dahé

  • Zishun — quadrana, Convenor of Special Events in Cliffside, regent of Cliffside after the attack by Air

  • Uplifted Cats of the Realm of Air

  • X’raftik — octona, chief valet of Farad’hil

  • Bars’torm — quadrana of Farad’hil.

  • Farkol — quadrana, formerly stationed in the Realm of Earth

  • Zent’r — novice apprentice in Atmospherics

  • Xelm — an old cook

  • Translator — uplifted cat, translator from the Realm of Air

  • A dragon of the Realm of Air, one of the 20 dragons of Air

  • Lak’wyr and Gulga — humans serving at Farad’hil after the war

  • The owner and proprietor of Suites Sauveur, a small hotel in the Laurentian Mountains

  • Swarkraw — an earlier form of mixed being, member of the Council of Earth

Not the Chosen
Dragons of Farad'hil

Human Disciplines

Atmospherics - thon

Textiles - nep

Defence of Realm - kir

Stonework - dez

Agriculture - gav

Health and Healing – bor

Four other unexplained disciplines, including “kee

Children, before they join a discipline, use the suffix “sel


The Five Dragons of Fire

in descending order of age. Human houses are named for them:

Etnep, the Queen of the Dragons, Mother of Generations

Vixtet, Keeper of Balance

Renrit, the Great Collator of the DragonLaw

Inby, Who Plays in the Clay of Life

Sur, the Poet (180 cycles old)



Toronto — a city on the Realm of Earth, in the nation called Canada

Cliffside — the human city of the Realm of Fire

The Atmospherics Tower — just outside Cliffside

Farad’hil — the dragon domain

The Chend’th’nif Mountains — a great mountain range, the spine of the Realm of Fire

The Badlands — a region of lethal heat and poisonous gases on the far side of the Chend’th’nif

The Valley of R’atur — former mating ground of the fire dragons

Saint Sauveur — a town on the Realm of Earth (Quebec, Canada) where many come to ski

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