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The Dubious Gift of Dragon Blood is an exciting fantasy adventure, a coming of age tale, and a romance between two very different, but equally strong-willed young men.

High schooler Crispin Haugen already has a complicated enough identity: a gay, Asian/Scandinavian Canadian. Then a messenger from another world arrives to tell him he also carries the blood of dragons in his veins! At first, Crispin is reluctant to visit the world of his dragon heritage, but when he is outed at school, he grabs the opportunity to run away and escape his problems.

Transported to the Realm of Fire, where dragons and humans live in harmony, Crispin falls for Davix, a brooding, nerdy scholar. But dark mysteries threaten the peace of Crispin’s new world. Without warning, dragons from the Realm of Air unleash a bloody war and take him hostage.


With everything he cares about on the line, Crispin must find the courage to fight… for justice and for love.

Now available from publisher Bold Strokes Books, online retailers including Chapters/,, and Barnes & Nobles, as well as bookstores everywhere.

* * *

For more information on The Dubious Gift of Dragon Blood, including themes of the novel, such as “Not the Chosen One” and “Sexuality and Relationships,” please visit this page.

The writing of this book was supported by the Toronto Arts Council with funding from the City of Toronto.

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